Award Sub Committee
Formation of Award Committee
1.The Award Committee will be constituted at the first Governing Council meeting of every year.
2.The Committee shall consist of three elected members (one should be a Past President of ISA KSC who will be the Chairman of the Awards Committee).The President and Secretary of ISA KSC will be ex officio members. 3.The Committee shall evaluate the activities of the City Branches and give recommendation to the Governing Council about the best city branch before the last Governing Council meeting of the year.                             4.The Governing Council will select the Best City Branch on recommendation of the Awards Committee.

Presentation of Awards
The awards shall be presented during the inaugural meeting of the State Annual Conference.
Criteria for selection of Best City Branch
A City branch activities –
1. One point for each regular monthly report of activities to a maximum of twelve points in an association year. False reporting, if found, will be negatively marked.
2. Five points for each % of increase in membership. % will be rounded off to the nearest number. ( 0.5 or above will be rounded to the next point) The base of membership will be as per the state membership register as on the last date of the month, preceding the state conference. Transferred membership from other branches should not be counted for the increase in membership.
3. One point for each new membership in FBF. No points in the case of transfer of an existing FBF member to another branch.

B. Association activities –
1. Ten points for conducting National Governing Council meeting.
2. Ten points for hosting State GC meetings, limited to a maximum of 10 points, ( 20 points will be deducted if an offered city branch backs out from hosting the GC meeting.) No points to any city branch, if a GC meeting is directly conducted and hosted by the State chapter.
3. Two points for the city branch nominated GC member attending each GC meeting. Proof of attendance is signing the attendance register.
4.Two points for each city branch member attending the National conference, subject to a maximum of ten points.
One point for each city branch member attending the South zone conference, subject to a maximum of ten points.
Attendance of National office bearers in National and Zonal conferences will not be considered for points.
C. Scientific activities –
1. Two points for each branch level CME ( clinical meeting) subject to a maximum of twenty four points. Only one CME in a calendar month to be considered.
2. Ten points for conducting state/ zonal/ national level CME / workshop with prior approval of GC of ISA KSC.
D. Social activities –
1. Five points for each programme on public awareness on anaesthesia speciality, subject to a maximum of ten points in an association year. Programme to be organized and conducted by the city branch.
2. Five points for city branch organized World Anaesthesia Day celebrations. ( Only for programmes organized on October 16th.) No additional CME points for the meeting.
The award committee has the discretion of recommending special awards to the city branches and city branch Secretaries for enrolling maximum members in an association year, under the category small branches and big branches.