Best PG Student Award
(Best Post Graduate Student of the year)

Every year one award titled “Best Anaesthesiology post graduate student of  Kerala(year)” will be given by ISA Kerala and award will be given during the inaugural function of ISA Kerala Annual Conference. The awardee will be decided through a two tier  selection which will be transparent, contestant friendly and uniform. The award consist of Rs 10000/- and a certificate from ISA Kerala specifying the award
Schedule of events

1. Inform all PG teaching departments of Kerala about the selection. along with eligibility criteria and mode of selection. (Before 15 November of the year)
2. Preliminary selection of two candidates from each teaching department by the departments concerned
(Inform ISA Kerala the names and address of the candidates by the respective HOD before 15 December of the year)
3. ISA Secretary informs the competing candidates individually by electronic as well as surface mail about the date, time and venue of the final selection, along with schedule format of final selection process (Before 15 January of the year)
4. ISA Secretary informs the participating examiners/ judges the date, time, venue and mode of final selection (Before 15 January of the year)
5. Final selection on the day of ISA Kerala PG assembly or on previous after noon taking convenience of the participating examiners and the number of contestants.
Mode of selection—(1) MCQ (100 marks) (2) Viva Examination (through 5 stations manned by a pair of examiners and a closed type viva)
6. Maximum marks winner of examination- valuation put together will be eligible to the award and following the next governing council meeting award declared officially.

  1. Name : 'Best Anesthesiology Post-Graduate Student of Kerala (year)' Award
  2. Periodicity of the award : Yearly
  3. Comprises : 
    • Citation
    • Certificate
    • Cash Award of Rs.15,000/-
  1. Presentation : During the inaugural function of the Annual Conference of ISA Kerala.
  2. Presented By: The President of ISA Kerala.
  3. Selection : The winner of the award will be chosen at the annual mid term CME and PQ Quest.
  4. Eligibilty : 
    • Shall be a final year post-graduate student in any of the medical institutions in Kerala
    •  Shall be a Keralite origin.
    • Must be a Life/associate member of ISA Kerala.
  1. Certificate of participation will be given to all participating PG students.