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Past National President- ISA

            INDIAN SOCIETY OF ANAESTHESIOLOGISTS KERALA STATE BRANCH was born in 1973.The stimulus for starting the State Branch was the 22nd Annual Conference of the ISA which was held at Trivandrum in 1972.I may be permitted to say (with a little pride) that I was instrumental in inviting and organizing the Annual Conference.This Annual Conference itself had to be kept in abeyance for one full year.Originally it was to be held in December 1971.All arrangements were going on in full swing,but National Emergency was declared on the 6th of December due to the outbreak of the Indo-Pakistan war.The Conference had to be postponed.The Governing Council of ISA gave me two optons either to hold it next year or to abandon it.I boldly opted for the former and thus the 22nd session-ISA-National was held at Trivandrum.The guest speaker on the occasion was Meyroffer,the ruling President of WFSA.The late Dr.Surendran was my most able helper.The conference was a success,so they say.We were left with a small amount as profit and we did not know what to do with it.After mutual discussion it was decided to start a state branch.Thus was born the “ Kerala State Branch of ISA”. A major portion of the profit from the Annual Conference was shifted to the new baby.A committee was formed,all formalities gone through and Dr.(Mrs).Elizabeth Thomas,Professor of Anaesthesiology,T.D.Medical College,Alleppey, was unanimously elected as President.

         Due to reasons beyond comprehension the new baby went into hibernation.It was in 1976-77 the baby was resuscitated by the efforts of Dr.Mohandas and Dr.Padmanabhan and the first conference was held at Kolencherry.I was asked to preside over the conference.This was a well attended conference.The conference was inaugurated by the then Vice-Chancellor of the Kerala University,Dr.V.K.Sukumaran Nair.

         From that year, an oration was instituted in memory of the late Dr.P.V.Francis who was the first qualified anaesthetist from Kerala even though he was in the Madras Service.The oration was delivered by Prof.Dr.S.A.Kabir, one of the senior most anaesthetist of South India.He was the Dean of the Madurai Medical College..So far, we have been able to hold this oration.Many illustrious persons in the medical field like Dr.C.M.Francis,Dr.C.V.Korah,etc. delivered the oration.After the Kolencherry conference,we have never looked back.It has been maintaining a steady and healthy growth.Only once the annual conference could not be held(1988); but conducted along with South Zone Conference in April 1989.The membership of the Kerala Branch was 400.During the mid part of this decade many off shoots were born, the city branches-Trivandrum,Cochin,Calicut,Kottayam,etc.This indeed gives a sense of satisfaction and pride.

         In 1983, a tragedy struck us.This was the sad and sudden demise of Dr.Surendran(Director & Professor,Department of Anaesthesiology, Medical College,Trivandrum).This was indeed a cruel blow.In order to perpetuate the memory of a lovable colleague, a trust was formed and registered.Contributions to the trust fund was liberal and spontaneous.From the interests of this fund money, another oration was instituted as the Dr.Surendran Memorial Oration.This is being continued.

        I am proud to say that Anaesthesiology Kerala has become a healthy adolescent.May it grow healthier and stronger.

(Courtesy-Directory of Anaesthesiologists,Kerala 1989)